Anna Razumovskaya returns to Scotland!

1st January 2018 - 18th March 2018

Come and meet Anna Razumovskaya on Sunday 18th March!

Following a truly amazing year of sales for Anna's work Anna will be travelling back to our gallery in Edinburgh for her 2018 show!

The date has been secured for 2018..

Sunday March the 18th

3 - 5pm in the Edinburgh Gallery, Jenners.

At this years event Anna will be showing an outstanding collection of originals, some of which you will NOT have seen before.

This years collection will feature her beautiful models, but also on dispaly will be some floral works and a few other suprises from her latest collection.

Anna has had a very busy year, attending many of the top art fairs across the globe, including Beijing, Miami,New York and many more.

Anna's work has been seen on television this year when it apeared on a super yacht documentary.

Many of our clients have been adding Anna's work to there collection for almost 10 years now...join us to see why she has become one of our top artists!

Anna Razumovskaya returns to Scotland!

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