Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson

Born in Canada came across the Atlantic as a baby and was brought up in 
Belfast ,went to school in both Northern and Southern Ireland .

Joined the family retail business after leaving school ,worked for the 
company in Glasgow and Birmingham and Belfast  for 15 years and left to 
join the inshore fishing fleet, spent some time there and then joined H.M. 
Coastguard Service during this time I did some sailing and learned a lot 
more about charts and navigation ..since then I have worked in Scotland with 
various interior designers and for the last 20 years have been living 
and working in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

I now have rekindled my interest in charts and now use my past interests 
to create something special from " Nautical Charts ".

I pride myself on being able to create a 3D chart for any location, infact my motto is: ... more

"Any Chart Anywhere In The World "

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