Sheryl Roberts

Sheryl Roberts

Sheryl Roberts

i was born in leeds (uk) in 1971 and studied at jacob kramer school of art, then graduated from leeds university. several years of teaching, led me in 2001 to become a full time artist working half my week from my studio in hyde park, leeds and half my time working from my studio in the beautiful north pennines.... more

a place that holds a wealth of inspiration for me.

“my work is all about capturing the moment. the time when the vast skies make contact with the land producing striking white light to allow the viewer to step into another world”

my prefered medium is intense pigment oils and acrylic. using both brushes and palette knives to gradually build up layers creating depth and vibrancy to each piece.

i realised from a young age that i wanted to create artwork and was exposed to the paintings of the great artists in history including “turner” and masters from the renaisance period. capturing powerful light and classical compositions inflenced my work greatly. 

i exhibit regularly in group and solo exhibitions both here in the uk and further afield including a sellout exhibition last year in monmartre, paris.

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