Michael Forbes

Michael Forbes

Michael Forbes

Michael Forbes is an almost entirely self-taught Pop Surrealist artist, who lives in an isolated area in the north of the Scottish Highlands. He worked as an assistant to Pop artist Gerald Laing in his youth, from whom he “learned more from…than any art school education could provide.’’ Michael’s paintings are an extraordinary visual record of his thoughts and dreams, often journeying into the subconscious. His work shows a magical and playful, dream-like world laced with humour and pop-culture. Michael’s work have been shown in galleries across NYC, London and now his homeland, Scotland.... more

“We are delighted to have found this outstanding pop art talent here in Scotland. Gerald Laing would have been very proud” Bob Corsie, Director of Breeze Galleries

"He may be a little bit mental…but in a good way’’ Ricky Gervais

“Surreal, mischievous, wryly sweet... and chockablock with wit and wonder “ Terry Gilliam

"A phantasmagorist of the highest dexterity’’ W Gordon Smith

"An extremely accomplished painter’’ George Melly

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