Say it with Flowers (Large Canvas)

by Alexander Millar

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Everyone who talks to me about my work usually say that I must have had a wonderful upbringing surrounded by loving happy parents and grandparents. Well the sugarcoated answer to that is obviously yes but the reality is that we are brought up by parents and grandparents that try their hardest to give you the best and safest upbringing they can possibly give you. As children we are usually oblivious to the hardships that they faced and take to being fed and watered when we needed in our stride and thought nothing of it. Sometimes we do notice and sometimes we are on the receiving end of a lot of the frustration our mums and dads battling through life.

My own father had a very Victorian outlook on how a child should be raised and I found myself on more than one occasion being the recipient of that form of upbringing. Today young parents take a sharp intake of breath when I tell them of some of the disciplines I was on the receiving end of and say that they would never treat their children like that encouraging the “Naughty Step” instead. This usually makes me laugh out loud.

Its usually when both your parents have gone that you look back and realize that you really had a loving environment around you I know I do, and when I think of my mum and dad walking along hand in hand I like to think of them like this. Flowers play so many different roles throughout our lives. They can be there to celebrate your birth your marriage or just to say sorry, I love you or thank you. They are always there at a death too and at those solemn occasions I am always thankful for the life that that person has contributed or touched your own life. I’m sure you have your own picture in your minds eye how you see your own folks that are no longer here and I hope you too can celebrate how they too touched your life and maybe remember them like this full of joy and happy to have had you as part of their life also.

  • Format: Limited Edition
  • Medium: Giclee
  • Style: Figurative
  • Colour: Blue
  • Image Size: 76 X 61 Cm
  • Presentation: Framed
  • Authentication: Certificate

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                         Happy Days!

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AMI Say it with Flowers
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